Professional singers - Are you ready to get to the next level?

Professional singers:

Have you been challenged with vocal fatigue, or loss of tone or range?

Do you know you need some help but feel worried that someone will change your sound - the sound that is your style, for which you are known?

Are you more than ready to get to the next level?

If you answered Yes! to any of these, you are in the right place.

Learning and integrating efficient vocal technique will both solve your voice problems and give you more range, flexibility, power and choice of sounds. It is like a chef learning another recipe. It doesn't erase or negate all the other recipes, it gives them more choice, and more ways to innovate. Or, since the voice is in the body, here is a physical example to illustrate the point further: it is like learning new dance steps. You don't loose the ones you know, you simply have more options, choices and skills with which to to create new, original dance steps. Laurece's Artful Voice Method guarantees this for you. You can keep your style and learn many more ways to "color" your sound. You'll build a strong, healthy voice that will do exactly what you imagine.

You'll have to follow coaching advice and do the work, but you know this - as a professional you already know how to hustle and get things done. You'll love your voice and so will your fans!

Please read the following PDF about training, then let's talk about you, your challenges and goals, and how to accomplish what you desire.

Schedule a Discovery Session to talk about individual and/or group coaching to choose the perfect path for you.

Voice and Performance Training Flyer.pdf